The female body through life




In times when the vast majority of images of women are being digitally altered, these paintings propose a contrasting view, a more honest and natural understanding of ageing and shapes.


This work is entirely based on volunteers from the York area. This also includes a second outcome: the publication of a book with reproductions of the paintings and excerpts from the models’ interviews, their personal reasons for volunteering, their views on ageing, body shapes and so on.


Although the paintings are at an early stage, these pictures offer a glimpse of the composition and character of this series. The series will be completed in September 2017

These are links to articles in the press about this project:

"Meet the ordinary women who became nude models to celebrate the real female form", The Yorkshire Post.

"Artist Andres Jaroslavsky seeks gallery for Female Body Through Life show", The York Press.





Andres Jaroslavsky /