In August 2014 Andres completed his MA in Creative Practice at Leeds College of Art with Distinction. In October 2014 he took part in the MA inaugural exhibition at Leeds Gallery. The project for his Master’s was a body of paintings about Argentina’s last dictatorship.


In November 2014 his painting “Madres” won the Yorkshire Art Journal cover competition. "Madres" (Mothers) and is a symbolic representation of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, an association of Argentine mothers whose children were "disappeared" during the military dictatorship, between 1976 and 1983.


Andres donated this painting to the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo and it is currently being exhibited at the ex-ESMA (a former illegal, secret detention center of the dictatorship). 


In October 2015 his painting "Argentina 1976" was selected for the New Light Prize Exhibition. In November 2016 'Argentina 1976' was selected for the 1st Ibero-American Arts Award at the embassy of Brazil in London. ​ 

During the making of the paintings about the Argentinean dictatorship, MA students from the Film & Television Production programme of York St John University made a documentary about the technique used in those paintings and the story behind the images.

Andres Jaroslavsky /