Andres is a figurative painter based in York, England. Andres was born in Argentina in 1970. After working as a piano teacher for many years, he decided to turn his lifelong passion for drawing and painting into a career.

His main interests are portraiture and the human form, memory and conflict. In 2010, Andres opened his studio, the Corner Gallery, in the Bishopthorpe Road area of York.
2012 - 2014
In August 2014, Andres completed his MA in Creative Practice at Leeds College of Art. His master’s project was a series of paintings whose themes embodied Argentina’s last dictatorship.  

Andres completed his MA with distinction in 2014, and in the following October 2014, took part in the MA inaugural exhibition at Leeds Gallery. Shortly after, his painting “Madres” won the Yorkshire Art Journal cover competition.

"Madres" - Mothers. Oil on canvas, 180 x 200cm - is a symbolic representation of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, an association of Argentine mothers whose children "disappeared" during the military dictatorship(1976/1983). In March 2016, he donated this painting to the association of Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, which is currently on exhibition at the ex-ESMA (a formerly illegal, secret detention centre of the dictatorship).
2014- 2016
In October 2016, "Argentina 1976" (Oil on canvas 156x180cm) was selected for the New Light Prize Exhibition. In November of the same year, 'Argentina 1976' was nominated for the 1st Ibero-American Arts Award at the embassy of Brazil in London.

MA students from the Film & Television Production programme of York St John University made a documentary focusing on the story behind this body of work during its creation.

Andres has a long-standing interest in human rights issues. He is the author of ‘The Future of Memory: Children of the Dictatorship in Argentina Speak’ (published by Latin America Bureau, London, 2004). From September 2012 to February 2014, Andres worked as Project and Outreach Coordinator for the York Human Rights City project at the Centre for Applied Human Rights, University of York.
2016 - 2018
Andres worked as an associate lecturer at Leeds College of Art until 2016. Following this position,  Andres moved into a more spacious studio, "the Corner Studio", where he teaches painting and drawing.

He also started a series of paintings exploring, in a naturalistic way, how the female body changes over time. Today, when the vast majority of pictures of women are subject to digital manipulation, these paintings, created entirely from voluntary models, propose a contrasting view and a more honest understanding of ageing and shapes. In April 2017, Andres was one of the winners of the “one-to-one guidance sessions”, organized by the A-N Magazine. During this mentoring program, Andres started working toward his first solo exhibition in London.
2020 - Present
From 2020 Andres started working on portraiture. Far from a hyper-realistic approach, Andres' drawings and paintings propose a psychological exploration of human expression. This pursuit has resulted in several private commissions.

As mentioned before, Andres' main subjects in his paintings are nudes and portraiture. Nevertheless, there is a third subject related to the series of his Masters, one of a political narrative. These are works in progress, but the sketches can give a glimpse into their proposed outcome.
In The Press
Andres Jaroslavsky is a self-taught figurative painter.Interview on the Leeds Arts University’s website. October 2014
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